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Privacy Policy- Travel Engagement and Leisure & Hospitality policy on Part of Customer/ User


Beinair trading on the internet as maintains a stringent policy to ensure effective dispersal of Legal Rights to Privacy to the Customers/Users. The confidentiality of information delegated by Customers/Users is of immense sensitivity, and therefore serious efforts are put forth to prevent any breach of the information in any circumstance whatsoever.

This paralegal document delineates the “Privacy Policy” enforced by as the means to ensure genuine practices for Managing and Safeguarding the Personal Information of Customers/Users. The terms and policy statements will be applicable to the Customers/Users who visit with intention of Purchasing/Inquiring any Product (s)/ Service (s) provided or listed by the management either on the Desktop Site or Mobile Site or Mobile App of Beinair.Within the scope of the policy, terms like “YOU” or “YOUR” hold obligatory reference to “Customer/User” while “WE” “US” and “OUR” shall refer to Beinair.

“Customers/Users” visiting the website will Assent to/And Abide by the legalities provided in Privacy Policy and/or its Contents. If any form of disagreement is shown by “Customer/User” with regard to the Terms or Contents of this Privacy Policy, s/he should logout from the Site’s/App’s interface immediately.

This Privacy Policy has no Legal Obligation or Binding whatsoever to any third party websites, even if those Websites/Products refer directly or indirectly to Website or Mobile site or App of Beinair (herein referred to as Therefore, in order to prevent the point of contention to arise, we strongly recommend you to read through the “Terms and/or Contents” of Privacy Policy of third party websites.

Intended for Serious Reading from here on:

(A) Nature of Information/Content Collected collates and collects personalized information of the “Customer/User” as and when it is required for use with respect to delegating the service offers. The phrase “Personal Information” herein alludes to all information shared by the Users/Customers visiting the, and collected, keeping in mind any of the following intentions/reasons:

(i) Registration on the Website:

• We may collect the information shared by “Customers/Users” while subscribing to or registering on the Website. The information collected by Website does not include, and is not only limited to the information with regard to Personal Identifiable Terms like The Name, The Gender, The Marital Status, The Religion, The Age etc.;

• We may also collect the information with respect to the Contact and the Touch base of the “Customer/User,” which includes the Email address(es), Postal address(es), Phone number(s) etc.;

• The information collected is likely to include Banking Details (Credit Card/Debit Card) besides the information pertaining to Income, Billing Information, Payment History, Lifestyle Activities etc.;

(ii) Beinair may also gather the information on the Transactional History (apart from the details of usual banking transactions); Buying Behavior; Online Deals etc.;

(iii) User name, passwords, email addresses and other security-related information as generated by “Customers/Users” may also be collected by Beinair as it is essential for smooth service deliverables;

(iv) Information relating to the data generated either directly by the “Customer/User” or any third party;

(v) Registrations of “Customer/User” made on various social media channels and the details (viz-a-viz - image files, documents, personal or non-personal information, name, email address, friend list, profile pictures or any other significant information permissible as that of the Customer/User) of which s/he may likely become interested to store on the dedicated server space of Beinair.

(B) – Usability of Personal Information of the Customer/User:

The Personal Information collected by Beinair is most likely be used in any of the following ways:

(i) Booking the Tour Packages/Hotels/ Flight Tickets:

Beinair may utilize the personal information of the Customer/ User, inclusive of critical and relevant pieces such as Name of the Cardholder, Number of the Credit/Debit card (in encrypted form) along with expiration date, banking details, wallet details etc.

(ii) Other Genuine Reasons and Protocols:

Beinair is likely to use Personal Information of the “Customer/User” for several other genuine reasons, but certainly this use of information is not limited/relatable to:

(a) Keeping the Customer/User updated on the status of the booking transaction(s);

(b) Providing the confirmation to Customer/User on the relevant Service Providers;

(c) Sending the confirmations regarding the Flight/Hotel Booking;

(d) Passing the updates with regard to the changes made in the Flight/Hotel Booking;

(e) Necessitating Beinair’s Customer Service Department for establishing the contact with respective Customer/User;

(f) Executing customization of the content of Beinair’s website, Mobile Site and the Mobile App;

(g) Requesting the Product Reviews and/or Services for establishing relatable improvements off and on;

(h) Sending the verifiable messages and/or emails.

(C) Cookies and Session Data:

What are Cookies?

The small segments of digital files stored by the internet browser on the hard drive of the system. Cookies is useful in storing the information pertaining to Customer/User’s activity on the Service Provider’s system. On the basis of the information saved by the cookies, a Service Provider can customize its services in line with the respective needs and the services of the Customer/User. is using the cookies for saving and understanding the preferences of Customer/User for any relatable requirements in the future. The cookies will also be used for keeping the track of advertisements and execute the data compilation relevant to the Website, Mobile App, or the Mobile Site. Besides, the cookies information will also increase the user experience and smoothness with respect to using the tools. In general, cookies are used by for providing amazing website/Mobile App experience to the Customers/Users by keeping the record of the website pages visited and revisited. In this way, we will get to know the pages of the website that are considered useful for perusal and future references. May it be remindful that the information saved in Cookies Files will not give Beinair the rights to store the sensitive “Personally Identifiable Information” located on computer of the “Customer/User.” It is entirely to the “Customer/User” to accept or ignore Cookies. However, the “Customer/User” should also ensure that there are web browsers, which automatically accept the Cookies Request. If this is the case, then “Customer/User” will have the right to change the settings of internet browser on the basis of the preferences.

(D) Sharing of Personal Information

Beinair will share the personal information of the “Customer/User” with the following parties:

(i) Service Providers/Suppliers:

The information shared by “Customer/User” is likely to be shared with the end service providers such as airlines, hotels, or any other suppliers who ensure the completion of reservation and the booking. During the bookings it is very essential for the Customer/User to delegate authority to Beinair whereby the personal information is shared to respective Service Provider/Supplier. However, the Use of Personal Information by respective Service Provider/Supplier is limited and is only usable only after obtaining the permissible rights by the Customer/User.

It is advisable to “Customer/User” to look into the privacy policies of the respective service provide/supplier whose services the “Customer/User” choose to avail. Please take the note of the fact that Beinair will not sell or provide “Customer/User” information to third parties. Beinair will only share the information with business / alliance partners with the objective of offering different types of travel related services.

(ii) Companies under the same corporate entity

With the determination of maintaining the service level agreements as well as increasing the efficiency of services in the travel domain, Beinair is dedicated to provide tailor-made assistance. In this regard, Beinair will share the Person Information (Subjected to Secured and Limited Availability and Use) with the respective Affiliates, Associate Companies, Subsidiary or Holding company(ies) or Subsidiary of the Holding Company (ies) or the Primary Business Entity, which is otherwise known to be the designated Chief Controller.

(E) Information Disclosure:

Apart from the situations and settings as defined above, Beinair is very likely to reveal User's Personal Information on certain pertinent conditions as described herein:

• By the statutory Court of Law and initiated by the Designated Enforcement Authority for the process of investigation and taking the investigation further ahead;

• For the smooth conduct of the business;

• For complying with the Regulatory/Internal procedures of the Beinair as well as smooth execution of Audit Exercise(s);

• For securing the systems and work processes;

Or Else;

• To hold the rightful enforcement and protection of obligatory rights, or properties held in the name of Beinair, or otherwise in the names of affiliates, associates, employees, directors or officers;

• To hold the rightful enforcement and protection of obligatory rights when it becomes mandatory and based on the “Objective Reasons” of believing that the divulging the “Personal Information of the User(s)” is crucial for the purpose of identification, or actuating the legal action against an individual who is likely to cause hindrance with properties and the rights, whether such hindrance is intentionally designated or not, or situation may arise when any other individual is harmed by causing nefarious activities;

• To safeguard and guarantee of the services offered by Beinair, we may undertake monitoring of Personal Information, and such monitoring process shall encompass activities like “Sifting of Incoming and Outgoing Electronic Data Messages” with the purpose of ONLY IDENTIFYING OR LIMITING, AND/OR PREVENTING THE VIRUS/MALWARE SPREAD, SPAMMING AND PHISHING ACTIVITIES OFF AND ON;

• To safeguard and guarantee of the services offered by Beinair, we may undertake monitoring of Personal Information for “THE CONTENT THAT IS REGARDED AS UNLAWFUL, DEFAMATORY, OBSCENE AND INVOLVES THE UNDESIRABLE MATERIAL, WHICH MAY ALSO BE CONSIDERED LEWD AND OBNOXIOUS IN NATURE.”

NB. It is remindful that all actions pertaining to Monitoring and Storage of “Customer/User’s” is mandated without the knowledge. In the event, Beinair will hold no liability to “Customer/User” or the Third Party for causing any indemnities that may arise out of either Disclosure of Information, Monitoring and Data Storage.

(F) Protection of Personal Information

All payment transactions on the Beinair Website or Mobile App are secured, as the entire Personal Information provided by the “Customer/User” is conveyed through the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. SSL is an established and comprehensive coding system allowing your browser to robotically encrypt, or scramble, data before the data is forwarded to Beinair website or Mobile App.

Strict security norms are practiced and embedded within the Website/Mobile App, and this renders protection against any pertinent loss, misuse, and alteration of the information, which is otherwise within the control of Beinair. In the event when the Customer/User changes or accesses account information, Beinair provides accessibility to a secured server. After the information of the Customer/User is under Beinair’s control the same information is protected under the strict security guidelines from any unauthorized access.

(G) Withdrawal of Consent and Permission

Customer/User may pull out its REASON TO CONSENT for SUBMISSION OF ALL OR ANY TYPE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION, OR MAY IN ANY EVENT DECLINE TO OFFER any AUTHORIZATIONS OF HIS/HER Mobile/Tablet as delineated in the preceding declarations made in the policy. will limit or prevent the accessibility to its services if the Customer/User behaves in a surreptitious manner by stopping the disclosures of the information.

Alterations in The Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of Beinair is very likely to change/alter impromptu without any prior notice. All types of alterations caused to the Privacy Policy shall become immediately applicable to the Customer/User until the time wherein the same Customer/User initiates the process to take out the Agreement/Approval to Beinair for the use of Data access. All Concerns/Issues with respect to the “Privacy Policy” can be emailed to Beinair shall undertake every effort to execute quick responses against the rationale concerns and inquiries.

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