Terms & Conditions

(A) Applicability of The Agreement:

The defined Terms and Conditions are referenced to “We”, “Our”, and “Us” and each of these relate to Beinair. Similarly, the references on "You", “their”, "User" or "Customer" indicates or implies to the “Customer” or the “User”. If you browse the website with intention of viewing, or searching or availing the services offered by Beinair, or otherwise click to accept or assent to these Terms and Conditions, we interpret that you have accepted to Terms and Conditions written down on the website. If you do not agree to Terms and Conditions of the website, stop browsing and using the website instantly.

(B) Acknowledgment:

By browsing Beinair.ca, you deliberately acknowledge that the website serves as an online platform that facilitates and assist Customers/Users globally to plan their holidays, and travel to destination spots on the modest prices. If you are visiting, or making the registration on the website, or making the enquiry or purchasing any of the services listed on the Beinair.ca, and by clicking on "I have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions," you are certifying that:

• You are a potential service user;

• You are approved of following these Terms and Conditions;

• You approve the Payment Transfers against the services requested through the Beinair website;

• You have agreed to follow the Terms and Conditions and all other documents, which have been integrated or appended for reference purposes herein.

(C) Accountability of Customer/User of Cognizance of Agreement

It is hereby stated and recommended with good intention that all “Customers/Users” visiting the website with the intention of either Enquiring and/or Availing the services promulgated by Beinair.ca should go through and collate the points delineated within these Terms and Conditions. All these points govern the transactions as well as the services accessible to “Customers/Users” by the Beinair.ca. All the laid down rights and liabilities of the “Customers/Users” and Beinair.ca with regard to any services offered by us has the natural coverage within the agreement. The rights are admissible and in favor of Beinair.ca to cancel or terminate the accessibility of the website without giving any prior intimation, either for the maintenance purposes, or any other unknown reasons. In case of the situation where the “Customers/Users” is not agreeing to the “Terms and Conditions” of the Beinair.ca, it is suggestible to stop browsing the website as well as endorse your acceptance to the website. If you are using the website, it is obviously understood that you are of minimum 14 Years of age and moreover, you are legitimate and bound by the legal guidelines the law of contract enforced therein.

(D) Fees Payment

Beinair as the part of sole decision have the domination to charge listing fees for the flight/hotel bookings, besides the transaction fees on the basis of certain finalized transactions for using the services. Above all, Beinair has the obligatory rights for altering the Fee at any point of time without the notice.

The “Customers and/or Users” shall have full responsibility for all charges, fees, duties, taxes, against the use of the services provided on Beinair.ca. In the event wherein Short Charging is done by Beinair.ca against the Services or Transaction Fee or any other Fee or Service for Technical/Non-Technical motives, we have the right to deduct/charge/claim the balance following those transactions. In all these transactions, the discretion of “Customer/User” is considered final. NB.: In the occurrence of rare incidents where the reservation is not confirmed to the “Customer/User” due to one or more than one known or unknown reasons, Beinair.ca will initiate the refund and intimate about the initiations to the concerned “Customer/User.”

(E) Using the Third Party Account Information

“Customers/Users” who avail the services from Beinair.ca shall agree that we and all our agents will gain access to the third party websites, and these include the Banks and the online payment gateways. In this type of situation, we have the rights to retrieve the information of “Customers/Users” as and when required. When undertaking the process of registration on Beinair.ca, the respective “Customer or User” will generate the password and hold the responsibility for keeping the privacy of the Password and the User Account.The “Customer/User” holds the full responsibility for activities executed while making the Login using the Password or User Account. In addition, the “Customer/User” will inform the IT team of Beinair.ca explicitly in writing when any malpractice is committed whereby the User Account information or Password or any other type of Security Threat occurs. Beinair.ca has no responsibility if there is any loss (also including the Identity Theft), which is likely to happen out of the unlawful activities and which may result in the breach of Password or User Account, irrespective of the knowledge of the “Customer/User.”

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